The raising of the collective consciousness has overcome the need for a more drastic cleansing, so you are to be congratulated for bringing it about. This article recaps the key issues the speakers covered regarding the benefits, demands and procedures of pulling together sometimes thousands of contributors for co-creation, open innovation and prize challenge projects. Information and translations of collective consciousness in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Collective consciousness of a nation is a collective consciousness shared by most of the individuals of the same nationality. This is an example of how Divide and Conquer Tactics are used to manage intelligence, control perception, and direct collective consciousness levels into ignorance and subjugation. Recently we were discussing “smug marrieds.” (See comments.) Collective consciousness has been mentioned often at this blog. Login . H.W. Including an excellent excerpt from an article on that topic from Washington Post. Riots, mobs, mass hysteria, fads, fashions, rumor, and public opinion are all examples of collective behavior. Collective Consciousness Collective consciousness refers to beliefs, attitudes, values and perceptions that hold a group in the society together. The magnetic motor for example, one of the simplest principals of free energy, has resided for centuries in our collective consciousness. Some examples of such are bureaucratizing, politicizing a concept that is purely value-based (Irrespective of the conflicting nature of those values). standing of the collective nature of consciousness and also for the prevention of homicide and violent crime. Collective memory has been a topic of interest and research across a number of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, and anthropology. Nor to exploring why collective consciousness is such an important part of my mission, here at “ Deeper Perception Made Practical ” … and with my healing work in general. Sometimes referred to as the "objective psyche," it refers to the idea that a segment of the deepest unconscious mind is genetically inherited and is not shaped by personal experience. Current Events & Collective Consciousness. Primates are social animals. Collective consciousness has a relationship with collective memory. Starting with the very essential yet basic question – “what keeps the society together?” This was the exact question that piqued Durkheim’s interest when he wrote on the industrial societies of the 19th century. To accept the existence of the collective unconscious, we should start believing that life and the entire universe is living matter. Developing that consciousness takes intention, trust, and a fresh approach to … I do not ignore the strict need for personal hygiene, self-isolation when sick, and situational short term social distancing. They can also be expressions of multiple social realities. Mann: Collective Consciousness. Does this alone make it thecase that we intend to go the Taj Mahal together? The collective consciousness exists in the many multidimensional layers that can be perceived through spiritual Gnosis as the historical events, or the many accumulated memories recorded over cycles of time. These unseen and unwritten historical events can be directly cognized through higher consciousness experiences. When 9/11 happened, we were told that terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre. As stress and tension build in collective consciousness, the resulting social incoherence agitates individuals and groups within the society. Durkheim associates, for example, the weakened collective consciousness with an increased rate of anomic suicide. Durkheim argued that traditional societies that were systemized in clan and villages alongside religion played a significant role in incorporating people into a universal collective consciousness. Re: 'cloud computing' and a 'shift in collective consciousness,' it's possible that what is being seen in such a "shift" is actually the proliferation of a meme. Obviously not: Eachof us may plan his or her own individual visit, and even though we mayend up walking through the site in close proximity to each other, ourbehavior may not instantiate a joint action.