Product description Wet, muddy trail conditions are where Pedro's SynLube Chain Lube really shines. To get the best performance from your chain lubricant, it is important to choose one that matches your riding conditions. © 2021 Pedro's NA :: All Rights Reserved. As you ride your chain picks up dirt. Best For: Dry. In Store. Here's How! Dear Customers, We use a platform whereby orders placed on are first offered to our network of retailers. This tough, tenacious chain lube sticks like glue to your clean chain, protecting it from both mud and driving rain, as well as … Check out our Guide: How to Lube Your Chain to learn the proper technique. After a long ride there won't be … Pedro's X Dry Chain Lube 4.9 out of 5 stars 19. Free shipping. Apply to rollers of chain while backpedaling. Buy PART NUM 491605. The original synthetic chain lube formulated specifically for mountain bikes. $12.45. Picking the right lube for the conditions is also key and Pedro's X Dry Lube is best suited to keep your chain … This break-through lubricant revolutionized the entire chain lube market. When applied every ride or 50 miles the chain stays wet with lube and does not gunk up the chain and sprockets. Why Use Vegetable Oil-based Lubes? If applying to a dirty chain, wipe well immediately after first application, and then apply a second time. A dry lubricant … The closest replacement to Road Rage would be our Go! So why would you want it to biodegrade? $12.33. The Tutto blends ergonomic, organic design and noticeable industrial stature with patented innovations like the Fit Dial and RPG and novel additions like the Peening Bit for Campagnolo® 11 and 12-speed chain … It may be a little more expensive than other lubes … PROS: Mix of synthetic oils and teflon to create a wax like finish, long … Free shipping. WELCOME! 5 of 5 ( 1 ) 5 of 5 stars ( 1 review ) 4 fl oz. For customers in Europe, please visit the PEDRO'S EUROPE website. If not claimed by a retailer, Pedro's will fill your order directly as quickly as possible. Superior durability, wear protection and lubrication. item 2 Pedros X Dry 4oz Premium Dry Bike Chain Lube With Advanced Polymer Technology 2 - Pedros X Dry 4oz Premium Dry Bike Chain Lube … Pedro's latest environmentally-friendly chain lube Pedro's newest chain lube, this product made from renewable materials is safe for the people and the … read more. Another option is Chainj which is very similar to Go! item 7 PEDRO'S SLICK WAX BICYCLE LUBE LUBRICANT--4oz - PEDRO'S SLICK WAX BICYCLE LUBE LUBRICANT … $12.99. Which lubricant can I use in place of Road Rage on my Mavic freehub? Apply liberally to rollers of chain while backpedaling. Pedro's latest environmentally-friendly chain lube Pedro's newest chain lube, this product made from renewable materials is safe for the people and the … read more. Buy PART NUM 491605. Cycle chain for 15-20 seconds to distribute lube, … What is the best method to clean my bike? What is 3 + 2? Pedro's says: Performance Wet Lube. Free shipping. Should Chain Lube Biodegrade? Almost gone . When a retailer claims an order, the order becomes theirs and they fulfill and ship your order. Chainj is pronounced just like change. Why are Biodegradable Lubricants the Right Choice? I have used this brand for 15 years and have excellent chain and sprocket life. These can also be found on each product page. is Pedro's newest chain lube, a product that is safe to make, safe to use With A viscosity between Synlube and Road Rage make CHAINj an excellent choice for mixed During testing with top professional cycling teams, this lube … Chain stays wet in dust and rain. Pedro's Syn Grease+ Plus 3oz (85g) Tube Premium All Purpose Road MTB Bike. $12.80. Here's How! Product description Lubing your chain is essential for peak performance and drivetrain longevity. We appreciate your patience and continued support! Superior wear protection, efficiency and durabilty for extreme conditions/mileage. The vegetable oil is not only sustainable but also associates ionically with metal surfaces creating a resilient protective barrier for added life and increased anti-wear properties. Are you a U.S. dealer interested in partnering online? Free shipping. SPONSORED. If you have further questions about your order, please visit Finish Line Dry. Next add a little water to the Toothbrush bristles and quickly scrub at the cassette and chainrings … $24.42. Even though the shifting stayed smooth, it wasn't a chain that you would want to handle when changing a tire by the side of the road.. /*