Reserve your seats to join us for the world’s premier Model UN conference! At our conferences, students aged 9-15 years old assume the role of either an ambassador or a Press Corps reporter. This year's conference is hosted and organized at Mount Saint Joseph High School in cooperation with other Baltimore area schools. Dr. Jeffrey SachsSpecial Adviser to UN Secretary-General António Guterres on the SDGs. At WIMUN, we are working towards improving Rules of Procedures for educational purposes and bridging the gap between UN and MUN Rules of Procedures. The iSchool program is designed to offer students opportunities to engage in meaningful work that has relevance to them and the world, choice and responsibility in determining their high school experience, and unique structures to support their development. It is held annually at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the United Nations Office in Geneva. IMUNA partners with international and regional organizations that promote education and international dialogue, as well as collegiate and university educational institutions. The organization actively builds and supports a network of international practitioners and organizations in a community of excellence, utilizing expert resources to identify new improvements and innovations in global issues education. WFUNA International Model UN New York High School is organized by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). Established in 1975, NHSMUN is the world’s largest and most prestigious Model UN conference for secondary school students. Since 1975, it has consistently been recognized as having the strongest substantive program on the MUN circuit. Ambassador Samantha PowerUS Ambassador to the United Nations, 2013-2017. NMUN, the world's largest and oldest ongoing university-level Model UN, annually draws participants from more than 130 UN Member States to address current global issues. Other resources include our “Model UN in a Box Simulation guides” Simulation Kit (formerly the AMUN Simulation Guide), a teacher’s guide for Model UN, and a number of Model UN Resources available on this web site. April 1st-4th, 2021* *Tentative Date, ... is our premier conference for high school students in the fall. IMUNA, a United States 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC), is dedicated to promoting global issues education through simulation. Model United Nations was formed from the Model League of Nations. 2021 Global Engagement Summit . In our advanced Ambassador Program, students move beyond the basics of MUN by learning about the intricacies of global issues – and how to solve them by utilizing high-level Model UN strategies. Located in New York City, the World Federation of United Nations Associations aims to precisely simulate the United Nations in Model UN programs and provide students with the most realistic experience possible. Early College Initiative (ECI) enables students to graduate from high school with up to two years of college credit – at no cost to students and their families. NHSMUN is one of these terrific events, helping to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the skills they will need to ably guide us into the future. The immediate goal of the University-Model® educational system is quality, cost-effective college-preparatory education accomplished in a way that gives parents more time for imparting the faith and values they hold precious. Model Overview. The UN strives every day to promote peace and security, uphold human rights, and tackle the world’s most pressing crises. Our students are partnered with staff mentors who build authentic and long-lasting relationships in order to provide support for many facets of a student’s life. One delegate f, National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN). The Cerritos City Council presented a proclamation to Cerritos High School for its winning performance at the 45 th annual National High School Model United Nations Conference in New York in March.. Age: all ages welcome / Age: for college students / Age: for high school students / Age: for middle school students / Size: 100-400 delegates / Size: 400-800 delegates / Type:MUN 25 Jan IMUNA is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. For more information about how to participate, please visit the, and be notified about updates, new events, and more, US Ambassador to the United Nations, 2013-2017, Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General António Guterres on the SDGs, NHSMUN 2021 will be here sooner than you think! NHSMUN is a project of the International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA).. Building a School for Haiti. Our Vision. BAMUNC VII will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Un, After a whirlwind of a year, 2020 made it clear th, We are thrilled to announce that NHSMUN was recogn, This year, we want to express gratitude for 3 grou, We are so excited about this year's amazing commit, Don’t forget to register for NHSMUN 2021! Here's a message from United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres to our past participants: Copyright © WFUNA - World Federation of United Nations Associations |, CSO Dialogues with the President of the UNSC. It better work because we have to figure out ways to make this planet work together, and that’s the way we get 193 countries around the table and try as we might to get global agreements on critical issues—exactly the task you face as the ambassadors and UN leaders in the Model United Nations. Students prepare for the BYUMUN conference where hundreds of high school students come to compete in a United Nations simulation at BYU. In light of, What do you like most about NHSMUN? The majority of the semester is spent preparing for the National Model United Nations conference in New York City where students represent countries. IMUNA’s style of international issues engagement is infinitely more than a simple conference! What a great, great privilege it is to be here with all of you in this astounding hall. Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is a conference format that aims to simulate the procedures of the United Nations.Students participate as "Delegates" to various UN Committees and other bodies of the UN system. Welcome to WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN), the most accurate simulation of the United Nations in the world. IMUNA conferences teach students to cultivate excellent communication and decision-making skills by leveraging the power of compromise, consensus, and cooperation. Manchester High School for Girls is hosting its annual Model United Nations conference, MUNHIGH 2021, for the seventh time. Here you will find the material necessary to prepare you for our spring conference, information about the program, dates to … WIMUN was awarded "Best Large Conference 2019" and "Best Large Conference 2017" by MyMun. Apply directly from high school(Direct Entry model) while also applying to select Faculties at the same time or 2. Mailing List. IMUNA is proud to hold conferences in various cities throughout the world. IMUNA is the premier portal and hub for global issues education and MUN research. WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN) is the world's most accurate simulation of the United Nations. ... New York University’s collegiate-level Model United Nations Conference. Because Model UN is decentralized and has grown autonomously around the world, there are significant differences in how MUN is done between regions. IMUNA’s flagship New York City Model UN conference, the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) Conference, is the world’s largest and preeminent event for high school students. Berkeley Model United Nations | PO Box 4306, Berkeley, CA 94704 This year, due to the Covid-19 Crisis, we shall be going virtual with our conference. Whether you are a teacher looking to start a MUN program at your school, a delegate looking to hone your diplomacy, or an individual simply interested in global issues education, we have something for you. Please email us at if you are interested in working with us! Mandy PatinkinActor, Singer, Comedian, Voice Artist. We welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded organizations around the world. We are proud to be home to its headquarters and the many political, educational, and cultural events it inspires. STAFF REPORT. You can find internship opportunities here: Internships | United Nations For Youth While most are for undergrad and grad students, some organizations within the UN like UNA-USA have opportunities for high school students. Four days of exclusive problem solving at the world-renowned NHSMUN Conference in New York City, USA, Students from the world’s leading universities, plus global experts on education and leadership, Meet, connect, and network with other MUN delegates and faculty advisers from around the world, The most comprehensive research archive, country profiles, and global issues resources for programs of all types, Visit and interact with the world’s most prominent United Nations diplomats, government officials, and international thought leaders, Get ahead in your professional career by getting involved with Model UN and education-based simulations, Formally published committee resolutions at the end of each conference. Outside conference sessions, delegates from more than 126 UN Member States can take advantage of opportunities at Permanent Missions to the UN, the United Nations itself, as well as world class museums, architecture, shows, restaurants, and shopping. The award is based completely on the reviews of previous participants. By leveraging its unique philosophy and human resources, IMUNA conferences provide engaging and transformative learning opportunities that empower students with the skills they need to be responsible global citizens. A unique experience based on a program which combines the scholarship and global citizenry of Model United Nations with the pedagogical insights of Maria Montessori. Model United Nations. IMUNA’s flagship New York City Model UN conference, the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) Conference, is the world’s largest and preeminent event for high school students. IMUNA hosts premier education-based conferences in numerous cities throughout the world. Our History 1950. We need you. IMUNA is dedicated to global issues education through simulation. WIMUN NY High School 2020 will take place January 31 - February 3, 2020. The ultimate goal is that of producing wholesome, competent men and women of character who make a positive difference for Christ in the next generation. Att: Donna Main. These include the “Ambassador’s Club video series” which can be utilized for international relations, UN or Model UN classes or groups. Our volunteer staff publishes research papers, curriculum guides, training and self-study resources, and educational materials on a platform accessible worldwide. Model UN is a popular activity for those interested in learning more about how the UN operates. I just wish that the whole world, the world’s leaders, had your energy. This year we are celebrating our 38th anniversary! For more information on the program and schedules, visit… The UN is a vital global institution. Over 3,000 delegates attended the National High School Model United Nations Conference (NHSMUN) in New York City this past week from March 6-9, 2013, which was held at the Hilton New York and the United Nations. Hello delegates, teacher supervisors, and distinguished guests. Session II: Wednesday, March 10, 2021 – Saturday, March 13, 2021. We acknowledge the work of accomplished MUN leaders and veterans through the MUN Hall of Fame. IMUNA supports the next generation of globally-minded leaders by facilitating cross-cultural debate, equipping learners with the academic and social skills necessary to solve some of the world’s most pressing international issues. Welcome to WFUNA International Model UN New York High School. Rather, like the actual UN, Model UN is found in countries around the globe. North America’s Best High School Model UN Teams: 2011-2012 Spring Rankings Top 100 “Honorable Mention” All of these programs have either won many individual awards at one of the most competitive conferences, won a large delegation award at a large or regional conference, and/or won several small delegation awards across various conferences. Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as … Although Model United Nations originated in the United States, MUN clubs and conferences are not isolated to that country. I wish you could stand where I am standing right now, to be able to look out at all of you. The world's largest and most diverse high school Model United Nations conference, based in New York City. To share a few words to the delegates of NHSMUN: First, thank you for doing it. 6.8K likes. 16800 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, CA 90703 . IMUNA's programming integrates emotional and social intelligence with interdisciplinary academic skill-sets, guiding students as they cultivate empathy, critical thinking skills, and cross-cultural understanding. Online, So many smiles from so many delegates from so many, Registration for NHSMUN 2021 is open! Join us for UNA-USA’s all-virtual Global Engagement Summit February 19-20, 2021. Our experiential learning programs provide students with a forum to hone skills in diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking, compromise, public speaking, writing, and research. Online Model United Nations (OMUN) is the world’s first fully online MUN program, designed to provide Model UN opportunities to anyone with an Internet connection. Model United Nations Conference: UA-MUNC, our flagship MUN Conference is the world's most accurate, cutting-edge simulation of the UN. The WIMUN conference features intensive training workshops taught by UN officials, briefings on important agenda items by UN Agencies, and conference sessions in the heart of Manhattan.