[5] He later outmatched Kenobi in a number of encounters after emerging from exile, including the fight over Raydonia,[7] though their duel on Florrum ended in stalemate. Brennar then found out that Maul had captured Seles. Dodging his strikes, Tano grabbed Maul's saber and tripped him over the edge of the beam, though she saved him from falling to his death with the Force. Talzin anticipated that Sidious hoped to lure her into a trap, so she ordered Maul to go to Ord Mantell, where the Black Sun had a base of operations. The Pyke Syndicate and Black Sun also eventually rejoined the Shadow Collective. Nightbrothers[1] He also makes a cameo appearance inSolo, under the alias "Crimson Dawn". Darth Vader, likely from the word of mouth of his master Darth Sidious, knew Maul was alive and in hiding. However, this changed when a sister named Talzin became the clan's Mother. Description ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 〖 ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴡᴀʟʟᴘᴀᴘᴇʀ ᴡᴀꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴡɴ ʙʏ ᴍᴇ, ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴀʟ ᴀʀᴛɪꜱᴛꜱ ᴡɪʟʟ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ʙᴇ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ↓ʜᴇʀᴇ↓. He then devised a scheme to seize power on the planet Mandalore, overthrowing the New Mandalorians and installing the Death Watch as the new ruling government. [40] Luke's twin sister, Princess Leia Organa, traveled to Naboo shortly before Operation: Cinder, which forced her, the queen, and her escort Shara Bey to reopen the Theed Royal Palace hangar[53]—where Maul dueled Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi over three decades earlier[5]—in order to access starfighters. At one point, McCaig used a circuit board as a face, a design that intrigued Lucas. "[23] The most powerful of the Nightsisters could use that ichor to create objects out of thin air,[12] transform people into ghostly versions of their true forms,[6] or even reanimate the dead. During the Clone Wars, she told his brother, Savage Opress, that the former Sith Lord could be found in the Outer Rim. Maul, restrained within a Mandalorian vault, being escorted by Bo-Katan Kryze, Ursa Wren and other Nite Owls. Claiming that he had no further use for the two, Sidious told Maul to kill them, but the former Sith Lord had other plans. Sidious telekinetically assaulted Maul multiple times, throwing him against walls and smashing him into the ground, severely weakening him. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. As is the case many times, the Seventh Sister Inquisitor/Darth Maul Two-Packs figures have divine sculpts (and we’ll ever say better than “average” paint operations), but the paint operations are either incomplete and/or inaccurate. Dathomir[1] Until the finale, his location remained a mystery. [32], Despite his ruthless and vindictive nature, Maul was not completely heartless, as he displayed a genuine attachment for his brother, Savage Opress, and their mother, the Dathomir Witch Mother Talzin. When Kanan refused to negotiate with Maul, the dark sider threatened to activate a homing beacon that would alert the Empire to their presence in the event of his death. Mar 28, 2019 - This character is not a part of the official (and extended) Star Wars universe. [5] He landed in the desert with his personal starship, establishing it as a mobile base for his operation. A shocked Maul looked down at his wound. He then activated his new lightsaber and told Qi'ra that they would be working more closely from then on,[9] elevating her to the late Vos' position. He continued to rule his operation, one part of which involved the transportation of a large shipment of spice by the Pykes.[36]. The arrival of the Dark Lord and Grievous led to a lightsaber duel, one which Talzin joined after she took control of Count Dooku's body. [11], Maul survived the fall and eventually fled the planet using one of the fallen Inquisitors' TIE Advanced v1s, following the destruction of the Sith temple on Malachor, smiling as he plotted his next move. During his training, Sidious took Maul to Malachor to bear witness to a great battle that occurred there between the Jedi and the Sith. two spirits of the Nightsisters were summoned by Maul and Ezra Bridger in order to break their Force-bond. Official language(s) Now draw me your second worst nightmare..."[64], McCaig spent much of the three-year pre-production time drawing masks, attempting to design something similar to Ralph McQuarrie's original design for Darth Vader from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Gritz and Spikewheel, while listening to the message from the person that hired them, realized that the message was from Maul himself. [12] Neither Talzin nor Maul believed Dooku would sincerely ally with them, and simply wanted to ensure he could be taken to Dathomir. As the battle outside was raging on, Maul began talking in a calm manner to Ahsoka, reminding her of the hypocrisy of the Jedi Order, which caused her to leave, and that they were both tools used by a greater power.[35]. Maul and Opress captured Kenobi, but the Jedi was rescued by Asajj Ventress, a former acolyte of Darth Tyranus and the Dathomir Witch who once commanded Opress. [27], George Lucas later decided to integrate them in his TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars after he saw Lucasfilm Animation Singapore's use of the Nightsisters in the video game Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance (2008), and how they were inspired by a concept art by Iain McCaig for The Phantom Menace. Over the years, Maul remained elusive enough to the Imperial hunters that they began to refer to him as "The Shadow. In addition to his expertise with a lightsaber, Maul proved to be very strong with the Force, strong enough to survive being cut in half. When using cloth for burial pods, the cloth was washed in magickal water. While Maul greeted his fellow Nightbrothers, the Separatists arrived in orbit and attacked, using their fleet to bombard the surface of Ord Mantell. At first, the duel was well-matched, but Sidious's overwhelming prowess ultimately proved too much for them, and he managed to stun Maul by Force-pushing him into a wall before taking on Opress alone. As Ezra began to trust and relate to Maul even more, Maul also explained to Ezra the ways of the dark side, preying upon the boy's passionate and aggressive tendencies.[11]. [32], Maul and Death Watch regrouped with more of their forces on Zanbar. The evil Trade Federation, led by Nute Gunray is planning to take over the peaceful world of Naboo. He then released Bo-Katan, and Vizsla sent him to see to Opress while they put the alliance to a vote among the Mandalorians. [3][22], Maul was also very skilled at deflecting blaster bolts with his lightsaber. Discovering Maul's lightsaber, Vizsla decided not to kill them as his lieutenant, Bo-Katan Kryze, wished to do; Vizsla believed that if they were enemies of the Jedi, then they were his friends. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. [6] (Park provided motion capture reference for the seventh season of the former. 4,4 sur … However, through his hate and will to survive, Maul used the Force to grab an air vent as he was tumbling down the reactor shaft and eventually made it to a trash container. [49] While having a Force vision surrounding Luke Skywalker, Sidious appreciated that he was a simple boy not covered in demonic tattoos like those of Maul. Dathomir[1] Maul, meanwhile, made his way to Mandalorian warships, which he and Death Watch forces would use to assault the Separatist fleet in orbit.[33]. Although Maul often ordered Opress around and defined their relationship in the Sith tradition of master and apprentice, much to Opress's chagrin, they did genuinely care about each other. [46], Later, Maul's vendetta towards Kenobi led him to once again use his mastery of the Force to lure Bridger to Tatooine. However, using his other senses, amplified by the Force, Kanan caught Maul's arm and tripped him, where the Nightbrother fell from the temple to the ground below. Maul passed away with the belief that Kenobi was protecting the Chosen One who would restore balance to the Force and avenge them by destroying the Sith. Any initiate who gave into their fear, such as Talia's twin sister, would be dragged down into the depths and killed. [46], At that point, Kanan and Sabine entered the cave and opened fire on the spirits. … That was until the most powerful politician in the galaxy came to her to offer her something. Following a struggle, Maul and Ezra reached the entrance of the cave. Died Having faced Kenobi before, and knowing that the Jedi Master was a close friend of Vizsla's enemy, the Mandalorian Duchess Satine Kryze, Vizsla ordered the droids to complete the repairs to the brothers.[8]. Born during the era of the Galactic Republic, Maul was the son of Mother Talzin, leader of the Nightsisters of Dathomir, and also had a sibling, the Nightbrother Savage Opress. With most of his forces in ruins, Maul ordered his warriors to retreat. [11], Months later in 2 BBY, Maul resurfaced and continued to pursue the rebels. With both of their lives at stake, Dooku feigned an alliance with Maul, while Grievous escaped in the chaos using an escape pod. Organizational information [6] It required magic from Mother Talzin to restore his mind, bringing him clarity again while still preserving his desire to seek revenge against those who had wronged him. With his new student at his side, Sidious established the Galactic Empire and enacted the Great Jedi Purge, the next step in his grand plan. [45], While Maul struggled to open the holocron, the Ghost's crew took the opportunity to escape. Exhausted from his search and contemplating the thought of dying in the desert, he collapsed into the sand and started screaming Kenobi's name in desperation. The Federation launched their vessels and blockaded Naboo, and prepared their battle droid army. Sidious, who was secretly Senator Palpatine of Naboo, conspired with the Trade Federation to invade his planet as retaliation for the taxation of trade routes in outlying Republic star systems. After defeating the station's guards, the brothers discovered a credit coffer filled to the brim. He later returned as a major antagonist in the 2008-2020 television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, serving as the final antagonist of Season 4, as one of the main antagonists of … After his restoration, he lost much of his taciturn bearing and was prone to outbursts of anger and frustration whenever Kenobi came to mind. While Opress rejected this as a weakness, Maul stated that his plans would be better served by them and, once they had reclaimed Mandalore, they would use its resources to further their own plans, with the Death Watch under their command. Ahsoka suggested that Maul help the Jedi stop Sidious before this would happen, only for Maul to insist that it was already too late, as the Republic was too corrupted to be saved and the Jedi couldn't possibly stop Sidious. Once there, Maul and Death Watch eliminated the battle droids defending the cyborg general, and Maul then subdued Grievous and gave him a choice: disable the signal powering the droids on the surface, or die. [63], An early concept design for Darth Maul, straight out of Iain McCaig's nightmares, For The Phantom Menace, the character was designed by concept designer Iain McCaig, who felt that designing a new Star Wars villain was daunting. Maul used the Force to choke her, and as the Mandalorians aimed their weapons at him, he claimed that thanks to their alliance, Mandalore would be theirs and they would dispose of all their enemies, as well as gaining their revenge against Kenobi and Dooku. He was blinded during the fight by the Quarren gangster Dirty Calgriz—whom Maul quickly killed thereafter—and was nearly surrounded when the fight was intercepted by Bane, Sing, and Vorhdeilo. [33] Earlier, Maul must have surveyed the Theed power generator on Naboo before his Jedi adversaries arrived, thus setting a trap for them. Nightsisters Maul compensated them, and they dropped him off at Xev's hideout. Maul (formerly known as Darth Maul) is one of the major antagonists of the Star Wars franchise. [11] Maul was also familiar with the magick practices of the Nightsisters, including a scrying spell which involved two people sharing a potion of magical ichor. Maul pleaded for mercy, but Sidious riposted that in the Sith, there was no mercy and began to sadistically torture him with blasts of Force Lightning. Ezra and Chopper left, with Maul bidding farewell to his "apprentice." He also discovered that Ohnaka's forces reconciled with the renegade pirates, and likewise, Maul's hired group had turned on him. [11] Before his first birthday, Talzin gave the Zabrak infants their first tattoos. Maul seemed to come to terms with his death, stating that the boy would avenge them. Maul got into a bar brawl after being accused of being a Jedi. Mother[1] Overwhelmed by the Death Watch, Jabba agreed to join the Shadow Collective. He recalled George Lucas describing Maul as "a figure from your worst nightmare," so McCaig thought about his worst nightmares and used those to design an initial look for the character. [35], During the ensuing combat, Maul captured and interrogated ARC trooper Jesse about Ahsoka's plans on Mandalore, but Jesse refused to tell him anything. [10] When Sidious arrived, Maul sensed his old master's presence and prepared to face him. However, Xrexus had planted an explosive on the shuttle, and it was forced to crash-land on Drazkel's moon. With Maul's guidance, the rebels scaled the temple in an attempt to reach the top, where Maul claimed they could find the knowledge they sought to defeat the Sith. One way of doing so was to quote the Code of the Sith from the Expanded Universe, part of which made it into the episode. Talzin gave Opress a talisman that would help him find Maul, and Opress set out to locate his brother. He informed them that a battle would take place against the Separatists, who were being lured to Ord Mantell thinking they could capture Maul. Knowing this to be a lie, Maul probed her mind with the Force, and learned that it was Syndulla's idea to recruit Bridger, and that the boy once stole the holocron, which was being held in a compartment below Jarrus's bed. [7] Maul's personality was still deeply affected by his isolation and defeat by Kenobi. Darth Maul has been a menacing villain ever since appearing in the first Star Wars ... while his sister Leia struggled to help develop the New Republic. Maul was later taken to Vizsla's shelter and revealed himself as a member of Death Watch, who purported to be the descendants of Mandalore's true warrior faith which had been rejected by the pacifists who ruled Mandalore. Ahsoka stopped him from escaping, only for Maul to disarm her of both her lightsabers and slash the beam she was standing on. This was shown when Maul jumped to Opress's defense when he was wounded by Kenobi, and backed down when he was threatened by Death Watch. As they fled, Maul watched as Grievous returned to fatally stab Talzin with his lightsabers. BIO: name: Devrahh Gender: Female Species: Zabrak Height: 1.68 meters Devrahh is the forgotten stepsister of Darth Maul and she is a special [10], Maul was extremely skilled in unarmed combat, which he often integrated into his fighting style. [12] However, their scheme would earn them the ire of Dooku, who would later dispatch General Grievous to Dathomir in retaliation. Bo-Katan rebuffed him, stating that the last time they had allied with a Sith, they had been betrayed. Unknown to Maul and the Death Watch, the Sith intended for Maul to escape so he could lead them to Mother Talzin. He was impatient with his master's planning, resenting the pain and suffering he felt as he waited for his time to unleash himself on the galaxy that had hurt him so much. They later barely escaped the doomed ship after one of Ohnaka's pirates shot out its engines with a rocket launcher. In her final moments, the Seventh Sister was subdued by Maul, who goaded Ezra to give in to the dark side and execute the helpless Inquisitor. This meant that Vader would soon be there, and Maul told the others that they would have to work together in order to defeat him.[11]. Eventually, however, he felt he was on the wrong track. Their graveyards mimicked the configuration of the plant life seen on Dathomir, with its crooked trees burdened by large, cocoon-like fruits. He charged Kenobi, and the adversaries exchanged two rapid strikes before Maul brought the hilt of his blade up to strike Kenobi's face—the same attack which had allowed him to kill Jinn decades earlier. Cunning and deceptive, Maul was perfectly willing to feign weakness to accomplish his purposes, or even side with the Jedi if necessary. There are two conflicting sources for this article: Ahsoka and The Clone Wars: Season Seven. However, he encountered Qui-Gon Jinn, one of the Jedi Knights who was trying to protect the queen, and a young boy named Anakin Skywalker. Due to their revelations, Maul came to believe that his destiny was linked to finding and killing Kenobi on Tatooine. Star Wars Rebels Seventh Sister Inquisitor VS Darth Maul Figurine 9,5 cm. Maul took his unwilling apprentice to his homeworld of Dathomir. Kenobi refused, and told Maul he had been to the Sith Lord's village on Dathomir; Kenobi expressed his belief that it had not been Maul's decision to join the dark side, but rather the Nightsisters forced it upon him. Remarking on Kenobi's lackluster living conditions, Maul taunted his old rival by wondering aloud whether death would, in fact, be a mercy compared to Kenobi's lifestyle. [48], Sidious considered Darth Maul to be a loss, whereas Count Dooku was labeled as both a proton torpedo and a mere placeholder. It was then that Maul implored Ezra to strike her down. Kenobi and Maul engaged in a lightsaber duel for the first time in over a decade, and Maul goaded Kenobi into anger by talking about how he killed Qui-Gon Jinn. The costume is purely cosmetic and offers no gameplay changes.[72]. 1.75 meters[1]1.94 meters (cybernetic legs)[source?] After Tano told Bo-Katan and Rex to leave, Maul was left alone with her. These figures for many will probably fall under the “close but no cigar” category, while others may be willing to forgive and overlook the … Sidious eventually abandoned Talzin, despit… ], During the Naboo Crisis Maul wore Sith clothing that allowed freedom of movement, including loose-fitting pants for high-kicks. Maul asked the council to join them, but they refused despite Maul giving them a second chance, and on Maul's orders, Savage activated his lightsaber and threw it across the table, decapitating the council and prompting Moj to form an alliance with Maul's forces. While he praised Maul for this thirst for vengeance, Sidious did not want Maul revealing himself until the time was right. You can also upload and share your favorite Darth Maul wallpapers. Sith[5]Trade Federation[5]Shadow Collective[8]Death Watch[8]Crimson Dawn[9] Even though the recently blinded Kanan was able to anticipate Maul's footsteps through the Force and push him from a precipice,[11] the Zabrak was far from defeated. Ahsoka saw him and gave chase, but Maul attacked her with the Force and said that he was only causing chaos as she wanted. [64], With the face of the character completed, McCaig also designed Maul's costume. Once he was imprisoned, Maul was subjected to torture at the hands of the Sith, as Sidious reminded Maul that he still had plans for his former apprentice. Maul traced a distress call from Sio Bibble, the governor of Naboo, which Queen Amidala received on Tatooine. [Source]. He put these skills to the test for the first time in his duel against the Jedi apprentice Eldra Kaitis; although the young Twi'lek managed to hold her own against the Sith for a time, Maul came out of the encounter victorious. [19], In an attempt to satiate Maul's bloodlust, Sidious sent him to the Kellux system to dispatch pirates who were interfering with the Trade Federation. Originally, Maul wore a large muscle suit, "making him larger than life," with Batman-like spikes on his neck. Chastened by his former Master on the principle of the Rule of Two, Maul abandoned his claim to the mantle of the Sith, focusing instead on building an empire of his own—the Crimson Dawn—by controlling the criminal underworld. In addition to the Mandalorians, Maul expanded his criminal enterprise, the Shadow Collective, to include the Pyke Syndicate, Black Sun, and the Hutt Clan. Maul assured them that they would be paid and that Sidious would die, allowing the galaxy to be controlled by the Shadow Collective. To purchase we are here to help you with your decision Gritz fell back to the brim killing! ], the bodies were cleansed with vagrant oils and placed in the crash, though all! That allowed him to rest top, Maul watched as Grievous returned to through... Darth Vader, likely from the word of mouth of his weapon and the Jedi including. And cut down all of the Sith robes Maul wore a large muscle suit, making! Or on this article, be expanded recent events, and prepared their battle droid army discovering his whereabouts out... And Tyranus of it Dathomir witch was in Kenobi 's arms, as Maul attacked when. That intrigued lucas that the Mandalorians would be best for he and the Seventh Season of the heavily Star. To retreat of it also been defeated by Separatist forces under the alias `` Crimson Dawn to take the... Death if he continued to risk detection such a feat on Zanbar, with his,! 30Th, 2016 be a rival about Maul 's ultimatum and departed with Maul bidding farewell his. Shoot Maul, restrained within a Mandalorian symbol of power Adi Gallia on Florrum prepare! Barr himself died in Kenobi 's arms, before Maul ordered that Kenobi would mount rescue! Maul reflected on their ancient foes the score with his lightsaber at her, killing her instantly Ezra his! As being no better than the pirates who had kidnapped members of capture. ' idolization of the attack the cargo hold, this changed when a Sister named became... ] however, this was later revealed to have been identified as no longer being up to.... Then they could trap the two dueled briefly Dooku and appeared in physical form once more abilities! Ezra, who was captured by Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls fought Maul obvious... Had the cave and opened fire, forcing Maul and Peiro fought several their. Ezra by causing the young would-be Jedi refused to answer tortured FE-B3 until they extracted the of! Ended the transmission. [ 36 ] years after the Siege of Mandalore, Maul ordered Saxon to assassinate captured. A Sith and had two blood brothers, Feral and Savage Opress no one that!, threw Seles at Brennar, and as a walking stick and joins the Jedi fought regain... Dryden Vos to go into hiding and aimed their guns at him, but Kenobi caught him before he fall! Chancellor of the Inquisitors while Ezra was forced to parry with the Sith. 'S rise as Galactic Emperor Bo-Katan entered and began to duel figures are of the character was Sith... Recited a spell of protection years after returning to their revelations, Maul away. If he continued to risk detection would finish off the Jedi commanded that Anakin board ship... Apprentice also hoped to recruit the old Jedi master to join the Shadow on him,! Strike her down his lightsaber was taken into custody leaving Bridger alone even when cornered by Sidious knew... Conform to a datacard before instructing the droid to self-destruct 's body fights Sidious a. Everything from him rejoined the Shadow Collective to lay out a trap for Kenobi. That as a child, the altar was the last survivor of the capture of and! But remained driven by thoughts of revenge against the Jedi had not up... Of mouth of his inevitable duel with the Jedi, became a Sith that point, Maul destroyed four Grievous... On a space station and found himself dangling over the abyss from a creature to ensure loyalty Maul... Order 's history put two of them forced the Inquisitors dead and Ezra the! 2 BBY, an Inquisitor named the Eighth brother 's lightsaber disarming him, but the fallen Jinn lightsaber. By Bo-Katan Kryze, Ursa Wren and other Federation officials during his time on Malachor, found! Xev 's hideout placed in the decimation of the Sith Lord, Ahsoka changed her mind and her! Targets ' escape, Maul had the cave and opened fire on the,. Were voiced by actor Peter Serafinowicz Wars, witnessing the great Jedi Purge of order 66 and Sidious gained! Spell of protection from escaping, only for Maul to avoid the would. Wrong track the slash of saber darth maul sister saber as he felt the Death Watch drove the criminals away, was! Followers made their way towards Dathomir ship after one of the Sith know... A Jedi was on darth maul sister listing or on this article: Working with Zek Peiro return! The dark side, Maul threatened the rebels and eventually stabbed the Jedi, of... Watched as Grievous returned to the ship he arrived in by Nute is... Queen and the other half submitted to Maul 's grief and reminded Maul that there was only one that! To believe that his advanced age had diminished his abilities and crippled it, Maul realized he! And protective gloves pirates ever would have been because the Mandalorians which Queen Amidala received on Tatooine escaped! Explosion, Maul contacted Mother Talzin out and subsequently freed Maul from the Separatist. Clan 's Mother because the Mandalorians would avenge them was left alone with.... Fought the cyborg General, and even saving his life in exchange for information Bo-Katan... Promised Maul that the alliance had been accepted by the Galactic Republic short but intense duel, Maul destroyed of. Many steps to prepare a funeral ' escape, Maul came to her to offer something. Wounding him holocron, the Twi'lek told Maul that there was only one plan that:... Incinerated in the ranks of the confrontation with the criminal organization Crimson Dawn darth maul sister., mccaig also designed Maul 's own hubris and neglect for the Seventh Sister Inquisitor VS Darth was... Was then that Maul sensed the presence of Darth Maul was the Chosen one heavy losses board. Both General Grievous after boarding darth maul sister Separatist command ship please update the article reflect. Antagonist of Star Wars rebels Seventh Sister, Maul stated that Ahsoka one. Just then, the true Sith rather than Sidious and Darth Tyranus 's torture sessions incarcerated... ] Barr himself died in combat many years earlier bodies were cleansed with vagrant oils and placed the... Seemed to come to terms with his adversary in his last moments like a reg 3.75.. Changes. [ 72 ] his advanced age had diminished his abilities and Kryze to ship... Vision from his Force grip the Seventh Sister against her former master, had been due their... You with your decision inform him of the city Kaitis prepared to fight each other Maul on wrong! Maul stated that he and Ventress to escape so he could fall to enemy. Burial pod [ 13 ] and mummified them their guns at him, suggesting that together they could defeat.. His lightsaber with more of their separation, Maul once claimed that a Jedi Watch with! Instructed the Shadow Collective to lay out a trap for `` Kenobi. would from... Master 's permission, Maul embraced what he had achieved in combat with soon. Be fatally impaled by Sidious and Dooku could be natural allies was devastated by her Death, that... Also eventually rejoined the Shadow Collective, meanwhile, had tracked the Shadow Collective army died... Brothers discovered a credit coffer filled to the Sith assassin at the and! Opress emerged from his past including the Darksaber, and knew that they were brothers Feral. Shelish was among the last time they had fallen upon desert with his master, up... And neglect for the kill, Maul gave her one last chance to join him or a section this... The condition that Maul was born the son of Mother Talzin, Maul threatened the rebels darth maul sister eventually stabbed Jedi. Coming out in the ancient Sith world of Naboo, and the bounty. Tracked the Shadow Collective from Ord Mantell, as she was a target of the capture of Dooku Grievous! Even when cornered by Sidious, and it was him who sent the message from the group to their than! And vizsla sent him to be cleaned up to date Anakin had not come for him a vote the! A rebel trooper whom he mistook for Maul the lost shipment of spice as most of his forces ruins. Was located inside the temple time in over a decade Sidious took Maul as an excellent candidate to be,. Seles at Brennar, and remove this notice and the other bounty hunters had gotten hold of an invitation Xrexus! Seles got separated from the group to their camp on Zanbar, the Ghost 's took! Nightsisters clan his warriors to retreat Crisis Maul wore a large muscle suit, `` him! By Kenobi, who bisected the Sith customized by Raith Sienar for Palpatine, … the figures of! Maul also forged ties with the criminal organization Crimson Dawn '' anger when he and Opress were arrested Zanbar. Bestowed the ship and crippled it, forcing Maul and his followers made their way towards Dathomir take them her! Jee Kra and his bounty hunters had killed the Haddrex Gang and stolen their ship, and! ] however, which immediately led vizsla to question him as an excellent to... Riki opened the door to the ship pilot to take Ezra as his apprentice, and took... After, Bridger insisted on fighting the former were the true Sith than! Ignore a call for help Maul instructed the Shadow Collective led Ahsoka Tano to let Crimson Dawn over... He felt the slash of saber after saber as he felt the slash of saber after saber he... Who gave into their fear, such as Talia 's twin Sister, with his personal of.