To learn more about each episode and its associated orders, click on a section below: it's complete, with screenshots, the best equipment to take on each mission, and much more: Here are the most pressing questions that Death Stranding doesn't answer about vehicles, weapons, equipment, locations, farming, and much more. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you'll be on the edge of MULE territory. How To Get Death Stranding's Half-Life Crossover Items; Death Stranding PC Hands-On: The Once PS4 Exclusive Runs Like A Dream However, this means that the piece of gear will be out of its container, and be more susceptible to degradation from Timefall (rain) exposure--more on that later. The fifth chapter of Death Stranding will begin after you have completed the Order no. Just sit still, scan the environment, ready the grenade and throw it (note: Holding the R2 button will increase the throw distance before you let it go, so you might need to re-adjust your aim). On July 14, DEATH STRANDING launches onto PC. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Oh look! This portion of the guide includes Death Stranding tips and tricks to become a master porter and complete every delivery order like a true pro. It'll help both you and them out in the long run (one of your experience meters is increased by interactions like these), so make those connections to people, man. Maybe you want to explore and experiment a bit more, maybe you want to do a few side quests before doing this critical one. Oh no! Or, just auto-arrange that crap and make a mental note to pack some extra ladders so you don't need to touch water. Seine Tweets sind kryptisch und selbst kleinste Informationen sorgen unter wartenden Fans regelmäßig für reichlich Spekulationen. Also, just be aware that you do get into a fight with a MULE, if they hit you, a piece of cargo will fall off your back. Death Stranding Tips Guide – 16 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You The first Kojima game outside Konami is tough, but there are ways to make life in the Death Stranding a little easier. Once you've made your way out of the BT area, something will go wrong with one of your pieces of, uh, equipment. You need to do this from behind, and it's a technique that will come in handy when you need to sneak into Mule territory. Death Stranding Guides. + Show More Death Stranding Guides Links (2), Monster Hunter Rise Special Nintendo Switch Coming, How To Get Death Stranding's Half-Life Crossover Items, Death Stranding PC Hands-On: The Once PS4 Exclusive Runs Like A Dream, Death Stranding Walkthrough, Guides, And Tips, Can Your PC Run Death Stranding? Well.. their backstory is better left discovered for yourself, but the long and short of it is that they *really* want your cargo. Okay, by the time you're back up you should have gotten a bit of a spiel about how to placate your BB. Some scenes in Death Stranding (especially those from the thirteenth chapter) suggest that there are choices and that decisions made may have different consequences. There are BTs everywhere! This fight looks pretty intense, but it's pretty easy to conquer--my recommendations are to stay out of the black tar, naturally. Just make sure to scan periodically with your Odradek as you walk through the world. Head back out the way you went for the previous mission (where the watchtower is), and you'll be introduced to some of Death Stranding's social multiplayer features. Go turn in your cargo at the terminal located in this building, connect it to the chiral network, all of that good stuff. You can counter by using your Strand (the rope Sam carries, which is made out of his blood or something, I don't know). Don't worry! The game map is divided into 3 parts – East, Central and West regions. Thankfully, you'll be given the schematics to build a watchtower with your PPC, so you can throw this down on the edge of the search area (indicated by the circle) and see where you might need to go. OH NO I'M SO SORRY I'LL LEAVE THE BOOKS ALONE. Hit Square to do a 3-hit combo. It’s slightly mountainous, with some grasslands and low level enemies around to break up the monotony. If you're lucky, a generous online citizen might have created a portable postbox halfway up what will let you offload that lost cargo and still get some kudos for it. Death Stranding guide: Eastern Region memory chip locations Find all the memory chips in Death Stranding’s first area By Ryan Gilliam @RyGilliam Nov 11, 2019, 2:35pm EST Also take this chance to offload any non-critical lost cargo you picked up along the way. The one trophy that makes it long is “Best Beloved” for maxing out all facilities. Get down to the bottom of the mountain and what's that? Your odradek will eventually pop up to let you know that it's time to crouch run and be super careful. Unfotuantely, you can't use it because it has no power. Reviews. Focus on getting to Port Knot City! Punch through that forest and leave a few likes! Who can say? Pull out your map, plot a route to the Distribution centre, and head west out of the waystation. What a great idea that was! I forgot that there was a chasm you had to cross. But don't worry, you got this. There's one spot on each limb, and I would typically recommend filling up these slots first (with your gear, perhaps) because that's four boxes that Sam doesn't have to worry about piling on his back. How to rest in Death Stranding. You know the drill. And I don't want to brag or nothing, but I didn't really come close to danger or needing to hold my breath during this BT segment, so either this is a very easy early segment, or maybe this walkthrough is actually really good?