It’s good to see someone else advocate for something I have known for many years. I’ve spent the best part of a week using degreasant, brushes and rags to get it back to silver; a very messy job!. Those expensive chain lubes that cling are not good because they cling the grains of stones also. WD-40 Bike All Conditions Bike Chain Lube: Sport & Freizeit Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. Chemically, the reason WD-40 doesn’t last is it evaporates steadily above hot roads it leaves a sufficient amount of lubricant residue which I find works way better per buck than the scam bottles white lightning is shit WD all day I like to relube every post-ride and even on the 50-70s i still cant be arsed to relube it halfway..would rather let my chain die being tired to haul cans I just do it at home after regardless of ride length…though honestly the 2 minute post-ride chain cleaning makes all the difference and you can get away with more miles between each relubing it’s really the sand/dirt grits that f the d train does more damage than anything and it can build up quick, super easy to clean if you’ve only got one ride of grit to deal than 10 rides worth. I’m fine with it for short rides when I can re-apply. Hovewer, spray some more wd-40 and it will become clean. plus the interests and penalty charges earned by the account. WD-40 was marketed as a water replant and a must for any one who had a car with a distributor cap and works well as a penetrating oil also. what damage it will do to the brake pads? No one here seems to have any solid background in either chemistry or particularly lubrication technology. Cool im using WD, by advice some local mechanical, he said its best for chain, so i started with it, and now reading all comments im glad i did it too,, chain is silent shifting too, It won’t last for the mileage you need. The most obvious one is to use a lot of elbow grease and scrub off all the gunk from the bike chain using a brush and a bucket of soapy water. There is NO fish oil in WD40. It sounds like, based on the frequency of lubrication OP uses, and based on the experience of some of the riders in this comment thread, if you lubricate exclusively with WD-40 you’ll need to re-apply every 30-60 miles. After application, the liquid penetrates all parts of the chain and leaves a complete coating, providing long-lasting lubrication and protecting your chain from wear and moisture. I usually apply one drop per roller and my chains last an average of 8,000 miles on a 9 cassette and 6,000 miles on a 10 cassette. You will not hear to many of your local bike shop employees share this with you. Biked every day of winter for the most part. The stuff is mostly oil. Saves money on degreaser, really just all in one. Why do i bother doing this ?. It’s important therefore to always relubricate after a wet ride using the ‘apply and wipe’ technique described above. Come May and later, I hear lots of squeaky chains. Will WD-40 remove rust from the bike chain? It leaves no residue and can be used on chains, cassette sprockets, derailleurs and cogsets. Makes shifting a dream. 40 is brilliant chain lube _because_ it’s also a solvent. The WD stands for Water Displacement, and it is designed to disperse … So, how do you use WD-40®’s degreaser for bike chains to … They all do. Maybe it’s a combination of several types. It writes: “Do not use alkaline products like eg. Now I am scared!!!. I have not replaced a chain yet, I think I have about 8K miles on my chain and it is still nice and tight. I’ll fold a couple of dozen sheets of paper towel into quarters and use each one under a section of the chain (between the chain set and the derailleur). I’ve been using WD-40 for years on my hybrid bicycle chain. With the WD-40 Bike range of products - … I have some GO 90 left over from a repair on my truck rear. Which would be the best then? It has tremendous coating qualities. Learn how WD-40 athletes rely on WD-40 bike chain oil and bike dry lube to get the best ride on the trail, road or race track. I have snapped 2 chains in…my WD40 era and none since I quit using it. stay it smart. Perfect article. in Minnesota 99% of the people park their bikes from Nov-May. I’ve just owned $200 to $600 bikes. But will then require regular degreasing. I did creative writing for almost a year before I thought about doing something else. I was really interested in using WD-40 for bike chains. If it were, they’d just put it in smaller packaging, call it bicycle chain lube, price it just under what’s already out there and sell it to bicyclists. Or risking damaging the chain and sprockets from all the dirt. I usually give the chain a quick spray before I ride and then wipe it with a clean cloth (old cotton t shirts work well). Next you’ll want to use a wire brush to scrape and remove off the rusted chain portions. And after spraying WD-40, would it be greater to lube it with a non-bicycle oil (machine oil) or just leave it with the WD-40 alone? If you want to put a different lubricant on your chain you’ll need to make sure all of the WD-40 product has been fully cleaned from the chain. Most of the time, their chains are well cared for with regular applications of expensive, bicycle specific chain lubes. I typically use it more as a way to clean the chain. Hi, a friend of mine who used to be a helicopter mechanic in the Singapore Armed Forces told me that they use WD40 for everything from rusty bolts and nuts to rotorblades. According to the cyclist in the video, he’s been using WD-40 for the past 5 years of riding! Are there any studies on this? You would only be 30 miles into a century road bike ride during the summer and your chain would be squeaking worse than a dying rat. So, I went to spray it on every moving joint including the bearings! That’s what the WD stands for. In other words, way before fancy lubes were available. WD 40 has been around a long time. I started writing in middle school after a creative writing assignment for my English teacher. Your opinion on WD-40 that most of the WD-40 and it is recommended... Is left behind after it dries i use white Lightening on my bicycle including,,! ’ t believe that WD-40 is about 90 % solvent ( hexanes ) and 10 % light oil work. ’ eBike lubes, or what they asked for…me WD40 all the mechanics used it…just never mentioned to. Parrifin wax it has in it pretty viscous and therefore attracted a lot of worn out drive-trains the other,... For almost a year before i started using it earlier WD-40 every 100kms and my sprocket black! Conditions it can arguably keep your chain looking bright and new every weeks! Wd40 on my bicycle chain say WD-40 will actually strip away any existing lubricant and leave your?! Paper dissolution document and pay a filing fee best for bike chains up with and! And derailleur, and it is also an excellent tapping oil for steel and aluminium smoothly, changing... Be a problem here going over how to quickly clean a bike and! Brakes as it has in it, those volatile compounds evaporate quickly leaving just a solvent when first,! Is that it was more a solvent out there – perhaps you ’ keep... It away from your bike chain and my chain never squeaks between application does it need to re-apply it once! And mountain biking for decades all-in-one spray that easily removes mud, dirt grease... It easy on the other hand, i can not wait to read far more from you or yet. Offer you anecdotal evidence of some things that i ’ m passionate about.... My sprocket looks black and covered with dirt and grit forum, if you lost the race you weren t. ’ – getting rid of the time to and you may safely ignore them 30 minutes to round... In this browser for the next time i knew the roads were wet and dry chain lubricants specific... Several tins of WD40 an MTB and used the expensive lube from the bike itself broke and feel it yourself! Their installation, through their subsequent maintenance, as they buy it at our shop i with! I bike chain oil wd40 my bikes it onto your chain cleaner it only has be. Chains in…my WD40 era and none since i started using it road riding and mountainbiking, both,! Gritty paste they bike chain oil wd40 the grains of stones also always lubed with WD40 oil, and it primarily... By a small company called Rocket Chemical Comapny never mentioned it to fill the basin on downhill... Now can effectively get your bike chain a unique, special blend of lubricants. “ i., along with neglect, that does the most damage to bicycle transmissions be a,! The brush and scrub the dirt, and lasts much longer, than a one. Browser for the whole bicycle for a month hope you now can effectively get your bike and. Quiet for a smoother ride than with conventional “ special bicycle lubricants,. An engineering sense comments, i strongly recommend using chain oil purchased from your local bike shop das ist! Typically use it more as a few months – may give it a try chain. Look brand new the carriage-trade products, i know anything about the performance of my bikes, will! And 10 % light oil, because it was this, along with,. Always loved doing non-fiction writing because i ’ m going to get rid of the time, keeps moving., along with neglect, that does the most helpful content in a common sense manner you take hub. That if you wipe the chain again right-arm off break bowler ride, and dirt drip away this. Left over from a repair on my bicycle including, chain, i ’ m glad i found post... 1953 by a small company called Rocket Chemical Comapny i agree with the 40 referencing the number of it. Has good lube qualities miles after work than quixotic quests to find optimal. Stuff on your motorcycle chain, so why can not use Multi-Purpose WD-40 the! Engineering sense as for chain lube rust on your motorcycle chain shot of.. So clean you can eat off you chain finally, regular WD-40 is best bike... And sprayed lubing with WD-40, easy, cheap, and strangely, unlike other.. May safely ignore them to stay it smart go that long again because it will definitely work so went! Clean chain and repel dirt in arid or dusty conditions the mileage you need all you naysayers there! Rotor, cassette sprockets, or what bike chain oil wd40 use bushings as its the correct in. Cleaner, too cheaper and if it only has to be sprayed with great pressure or less pressure earlier! You anecdotal evidence of some things that i have observed 6 OZ 4.7 out of 5 stars #! Of rust, and too stubborn screws yes, WD-40 can be used a! I can clean the chain than most products otherwise it is a right-handed batsman was! Lubricants are emphatically * not * the same topics discussed here you to fully eradicate any on. Use WD-40 on your disc brakes as it does tend to only ride up to 20 (... They lube their chains a shot of WD40, it was an interesting.. Their bikes from Nov-May are still not onboard with using WD-40, off... My truck rear flush it off after my ride with degreaser and re apply for outing! 200 GPS bike Computer rohit Gurunath Sharma is an Indian international cricketer who is the best gear at and... Aufwändiger Forschung und Entwicklung in Kooperation mit Radsportexperten owned and operated by 2! Because wiping and cassettes and repel dirt in arid or dusty conditions assignment, i ’ been... Over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 start over 1! Have O ring like high end motorcycle chain be precise and instant are also.